BLANK BIKE started in 2016 with a single purpose: to get the lowest cost bikes in the hands of the people so everyone can enjoy riding! Buying bikes from a bike shop or branded bike company is expensive. 

They have costs: 

  • retails space
  • advertising
  • store staff

Add a retail average of 30% markup, and next thing you know that bike is much more expensive for you as a consumer! 

At BLANK BIKE, you can get the same exact bike as some other "branded" bike companies, but you can save a few hundred bucks by not having them put a sticker on it. You get the bikes direct from the manufacturer - no frills - no confetti - no cherry on top of the sundae - just a great bike at a great price.

We cut out the "middle man" by importing wholesale directly from the manufacturer and deliver the bikes to you without the additional costs of storefront, advertising, retail staff, etc. BLANK BIKE can keep costs as low as possible while maintaining a high quality of product!

While you are sure to have a variety of different bikes, BLANK BIKE has worked hard to find the right blend of price, power, and quality. We started out looking for bikes for ourselves and our friends, and never knew this would turn into a business! At the end of the day, we love getting people on bikes that would normally not be able to - its all about that first ride and smile. So get on one and try it for yourself!


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